changing hostname in ubuntu

I cloned a virtual server and late realised they had the same hostname. No problem. change the hostname in /etc/hostname: sudo nano /etc/hostname change the hostname in /etc/hosts: this file will contain localhost and your old hostname. eg, localhost <new-host-name> edit this file to suit. Finally, change the hostname in the current session: […]

symbolic links in linux and Ubuntu

I always seem to have a tough time getting symbolic links right and often finding myself either Googling them or running test link after test link until I nail it. Normally I follow the mantra: command {something} {somewhere} such as: mount /dev/sda1 /media/mydrive /dev/sds1 being the “something” and the /media/mydrive being the somewhere But with […]

Adding additional IP Address to ethernet interface

Scenario: You have several devices within your network, you’ve changed the address range for the network but you’ve forgotten to change one in particular. It’s easier to log into the device than to physically attend to it (it may be headless, it may not be in your immediate vicinity, or you’re just to lazy to get out of your chair to do it.

Youtube embedded videos in WordPress not working

You’ll notice above that there is a youtube URL on the first line… it hasn’t embedded within the post. UPDATE 2015-12-10: it’s working now, is it a WordPress 4.4 thing? I have disabled a LOT of plugins for the moment, I’ll come back and revisit this in the next couple of days. I have spent […]

WordPress MultiSite & sunrise.php

Are you getting the above error message as well? After doing a fresh install and enabling multi-sites I couldn’t see the Domain Mapping and Domains sub-menu options under Network Admin / Settings. I loaded up my trusty editor and confirmed define(‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’ ); was in fact in the file. It was slightly higher than where […]