Back from the Moon, Apollo Astronauts Had to Go Through Customs

Today commemorates 50 years since the moon landing. That means I’m officially half a century old! Not that I remember it, but on that day in July, I was in a baby bassinet watching Armstrong and Aldrin taking their historic steps. Apparently on their return to Hawaii they filled out a customs declaration. It was […]

journalctl -xef -u some.service

systemctl status … will display an excerpt. If the error is displayed when starting Caddyserver from a console, but is not shown in the logs if an initdaemon such as systemd is used (which logs stdout and stderr), then Caddyserver’s authors have forgotten to Flush stdout and/or stderr before exiting. found: I wish I’d found this little gem a long time ago!

Flush DNS cache in Ubuntu

According to quite a few users on Stack Exchange, Ubuntu doesn’t cache DNS queries, but I got into an awkward situation where I couldn’t hit an internal server because my installation was convinced my internal server was being hosted on an external IP.  It wasn’t entirely incorrect, because the server is (sometimes) available externally, but it’s only […]