sudo please

I stumbled across this alias quite a few months ago, but it was under a different name then.

I wanted to find it today and Google searches brought up a whole heap of malicious finds on it, aimed at targeting the unsuspecting newbie to linux. Obviously there are some very dangerous linux commands and so I’m not going to repost them here. Or maybe.

In linux, when you need special permissions to run a command, you’ll get a “permission denied” error. The standard response to that is to “sudo !!” (pron: sudo bang bang) which runs the last command again. Everyone who’s ever used linux will know this can get frustrating.

The I found “fuckit” (or it could have been just “fuck”, I can’t remember which).

When you forget to type sudo, and you’re prompted your permission has been denied, you can issue the expletive whereby the command runs as expected. The funny thing about this, is that when this does happen, it is the sort of thing you are probably thinking, and the expletive does it’s job.

In looking for it today, I found that someone else uses the “please” alias instead. There’s no difference, they both do the same job. It’s just how you feel you want to talk (type) to your computer at the time.

To achieve this, you need to create an alias:

alias please='sudo $(fc -ln -1)'
alias fuck=please

Only include the second line if you feel so inclined. I did because initially you can be all like “please?? Oh thank you understanding computer.” but after a day of permission denied errors, you might be more inclined to just yell at the screen, in which case, the second line is more appropriate.

Creating the alias alone won’t make it persistent. To do that, add the alias to the end of your ~/.bashrc file, or in my case, I’m running ubuntu and you can add it to ~/.bash_aliases instead.

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