Youtube embedded videos in WordPress not working

You’ll notice above that there is a youtube URL on the first line… it hasn’t embedded within the post. UPDATE 2015-12-10: it’s working now, is it a WordPress 4.4 thing? I have disabled a LOT of plugins for the moment, I’ll come back and revisit this in the next couple of days. I have spent […]

How to STOP the Incessantly Annoying Picasa Web Album Notifications!

If you’ve wound up here, then I gather you too can’t stand the annoying Picasa Web Albums notifications on your Android device. I thought I’d tried EVERYTHING but inevitably they return, and I have several Google accounts and as such, I get one notification for each of them. I have long since turned off all […]

WordPress and “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

UPDATE: It’s amazing the number of hits this page gets, where people get this (or a very similar) error and this has helped them. I’m very glad this helped, but I just want to add, this page is more than 3 years old now and although the logic is simple here, remember it is old […]

Reset Error Code 6502 – Cannon MP620

I recently installed a continuous inking system into my Canon MP620 Multi-Purpose printer. It went relatively painlessly, except when restarting. The ink tubes got caught under the housing and jammed the print head against the right hand side of the printer, causing a 6502 Error Code. I fixed the jam, and restarted the printer, everything […]

regex expressions for validating email addresses

Whilst doing my usual mindless surfing of the internet, I found this page webmonkey relating to the validation of email addresses. In short, this is what they had to say: 1. Dirt-simple approach Here’s a regex that only requires a very basic xxxx@yyyy.zzz: .+\@.+\..+ Upside: Dirt simple. Downside: Even invalid email addresses like xxxx@yyyy.zzz, or […]

Ubuntu – changing DHCP to Static

Before jumping in and making the changes, do ifconfig -a and note down any particular settings which you may need (if you don’t already know them) Then edit /etc/network/interfaces change: iface eth0 inet dhcp to: iface eth0 inet static address netmask network broadcast gateway May also need to add nameservers […]