Back from the Moon, Apollo Astronauts Had to Go Through Customs

Today commemorates 50 years since the moon landing. That means I’m officially half a century old! Not that I remember it, but on that day in July, I was in a baby bassinet watching Armstrong and Aldrin taking their historic steps. Apparently on their return to Hawaii they filled out a customs declaration. It was […]

I like beer

In some of my songs, I have casually mentionedThe fact that I like to drink beer. This little song, is more to the point,Roll out the barrels and lend me your ears, I like beerIt makes me a jolly good fellow,I like beerit helps me unwind and sometimes it makes me feel mellow (makes him […]

journalctl -xef -u some.service

systemctl status … will display an excerpt. If the error is displayed when starting Caddyserver from a console, but is not shown in the logs if an initdaemon such as systemd is used (which logs stdout and stderr), then Caddyserver’s authors have forgotten to Flush stdout and/or stderr before exiting. found: I wish I’d found this little gem a long time ago!