Psychology in pricing

When you see $9.95, do you think:

  • WOW, $9
  • That’s almost $10
  • That’s $10

When I see fuel is 174.9c although I may say one seventy four in my head (simply because that’s what I’m reading), I recognise the .9 to mean “close enough to one”, and so I think in my head $1.75.

Maybe I think differently to most (I don’t think that’s really the case), but when I see this on facebook, I can’t help but think the writer is an idiot. 

That caption alone: “Try paying $2”. I’m already stuck. I don’t see anything that’s $2, I’m already seeing $3. I’m not even seeing $2.99, that THREE WHOLE DOLLARS. (you AREN’T going to get any change!)

My second thought is, “YES! TRY paying $2 a litre and you’ll be met with a stare followed by a call to the local cops because you’re trying to steal a third of the fuel you just put in your tank!”

And when I read, “which is nearly $3,” my brain is screaming “it IS three dollars!”

Somebody needs a lesson in maths.

That’s not my job, someone needs to go back to school. 

They could also just watch some YouTube videos!

If that’s all too dificult for you, check out these 9.99999̅ reasons. 


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