Bluetooth connecting to Phone Audio only, not Media Audio

Has this ever happened to you?? It was annoying me today. I was going for a long walk and I wanted to enjoy my favourite game (Ingress—come join the resistance!), but the audio wouldn’t come to my headphones. I had to sit down and work this out. I’d realised recently that my car was only […]

How to STOP the Incessantly Annoying Picasa Web Album Notifications!

If you’ve wound up here, then I gather you too can’t stand the annoying Picasa Web Albums notifications on your Android device. I thought I’d tried EVERYTHING but inevitably they return, and I have several Google accounts and as such, I get one notification for each of them. I have long since turned off all […]

Change iTunes Language and Store Location

I had the need to setup my sister-in-law’s phone today from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6. In the process we needed to change her iTunes AppStore language from her default to English, and also change her store location. Even though her language settings had already been changed to English in the usual settings […]


I can’t sum it up any better than the author already has: I wrote a little tool for OS X to alleviate a constant pain point for me, the lack of click through on multi-monitor setups. You know how when you have an application in the background on OS X, you have to click the […], mydomainwebhosting, mysql and localhost

I recently thought I would try a new webhost. I’ve been with my current one for a number of years, and the relationship, whilst not perfect, has stood the test of time. I have opened up a web hosting account, mainly because the second ever domain (and every other–bar one–domain purchase has been through […]

Freeze rows/columns in OSX’s Numbers spreadsheet

You can’t easily freeze rows or columns in the “Excel sense” in Numbers–Apple’s version of a spreadsheet. But what you can do is create header rows and header columns (the default grey ones) that ARE frozen. In Numbers: >> open the document inspector >> table inspector (3rd option for me, looks like a yellow table) […]