Another ride around the park – 25km

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5 Laps around Centennial Park today (3.8×5=19km) plus to and fro (another 5.5km) makes the ride today almost 25km. I’m kinda enjoying it, but my behind is really wearing the brunt of my (current) 96kg. And that is the main reason I decide that whatever particular lap is now the last lap.

I do have two lucky features for the ride around the park: 1) lots of things to look at, and 2) the gradient of the park has me not so buggered when I reach the gate to come home and I often fell “Yeah, I can do one more”… A few hundred metres into it and I’m thinking about turning around. But then it gets easy again… and hard… and easy… LOL

And when I get back to the start… “yeah, one more!” :-)

What a beautiful day it is out there… Maybe I should now go for a walk… Circular Quay anyone?

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