Getting a driver/rider license in Phuket

Getting a Thai Driver/Rider License in Phuket. This turns out to be a two day process but both are very short. You MAY be able to pull this off in one, but I didn’t bother trying. Day 1 – getting your proof of address for Thailand. This can be done a number of ways. You […]

Another ride around the park – 25km

[iframe,151.222515&spn=0.024935,0.04077&z=14&output=embed” 475 350] 5 Laps around Centennial Park today (3.8×5=19km) plus to and fro (another 5.5km) makes the ride today almost 25km. I’m kinda enjoying it, but my behind is really wearing the brunt of my (current) 96kg. And that is the main reason I decide that whatever particular lap is now the last […]