Day 31

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Repost of old map. The three markers indicate where I made it to
on each of these walks so far attempted. The further left the mark,
the further I got (after having made it around the park itself)

Today has started off with a bang.

I did my usual (like third time) Centennial Park run. I got 7 minutes into it before I had to start walking, although that 7 minutes is more like a Ho Chi Minh shuffle for me. But a work-up, none-the-less.

I set myself a goal on this run, to get as far around Centennial Park in the hour as possible. I was meeting all benchmarks with flying colours (although I felt I was a little slow to Moore Park golf course). I hit my previous 1hr point on the run, at about 51 minutes, maybe less. And I could see the park gates in sight. 6 minutes to go… Then 5…. Then 4… I was through the gates…

3½ minutes, then 3 minutes… Getting a few steps further everytime. I hit one of the roads into the scg, and still had a minute left. I got past the traffic lights and felt like collapsing.

1 HOUR!!!

I then eased the pace right back, it was more a dawdle than a walk. I wanted to be truly rested so that I could get on the rowing machine for 10 minutes. The time to beat, 9m42…

The time I got… 9m52.

10 seconds slower, but I would have to say I was more rooted today than I have been in any workout in the last 15 years! Gievn the effort with the run/jog/walk this morning, I think I can let myself off 10 seconds! LOL…

Time for a shower and some sleep.

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