It’s 5 o’clock in the morning…

and wtf am I doing up at this hour? To be honest… NOTHING!!!

But I now I face the quandary: Do I go to bed (and sleep most of the day away), or do I wait a little longer and go for a walk? I had planned to get up early this morning and go to the gym, but I don’t think I can hang around that long… although it is 5am and the gym does open at 6.30…

I have done nothing all night. Actually, I have done a little (synonym for a LOT) of surfing. For nothing in general, and everything on the side. I have been really good lately, I have found that with my regular exercise I am generally going to bed at a reasonable time. I am trying to make it a rule that I go to bed before the next day (ie, before midnight). And generally I do.

Right now I am toying with the idea of going for one of my Centennial Park walks and finishing off at the gym on the way home for a 10 minute row!

I don’t believe I am about to do this… But I have just got changed into some walking gear and got my gym/work pass ready… (my mother will be proud!)

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