A wedding in Thailand

Last month I spent a month in Thailand. I’d been planning this holiday for a while (around a year), and was motivated more by the fact that for a period while I was over there, a friend of mine was having a wedding there for his daughter and her fiance.

What can I say? Thailand was fantastic… Hot, but bloody brilliant. I have never had so much fun in all my life. I certainly let my hair down (well, I would have if I had any!). We never got off the island of Phuket, but I did some kilometers!!! Saw some really amazing sights (both day and night), but one of the highlights was definitely that wedding.

Everyone had a ball. It was considerably cheaper than having an equivalent wedding in Australia and the bridal party got a holiday thrown in!

edit: I hear the bride and groom are separated, which is a real shame. On another note, this was my first trip to Thailand, it wasn’t my last!

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