I always go too hard, when will I learn?

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I have been in serious training for over a week now and I’m hurting. It all started last Friday, week ago. Realising I needed a serious kick up the backside, I got myself down to the Muay Thai gym I started taking classes in a few months ago.

Friday: Kick Boxing (??????) – mainly for the cardio, but a bit of self defence can’t hurt!
Weekend: short push bike rides and gardening (that’s seriously hard work! especially on the knees!)
Monday: Kick Boxing
Tuesday Kick Boxing
Wednesday Kick Boxing
Thursday: Kick Boxing (very physical day)
Friday: Kick Boxing
Saturday (today): Well, I COULD have gone kick boxing, but I have a date with a friend of mind to tackle a huge mother of a mountain on Tuesday. So I went for a 16km walk which involved tackling this beast. It’s hard! Look for the turn around point on the red route on the above map!

I must admit, I feel somewhat better lately after all the exercise, but it comes at a cost. My WHOLE body aches. I am sore from head to toe. This has to be a good thing. I haven’t really lost too much weight yet, around 4kg, but the problem is that is mostly fluids. I need to lose the fat. I need to lower my blood pressure and ideally, lower my at rest pulse rate…

Let’s see how I go :-)

PS: I’m doing the Katoomba great stairs in the coming weeks… Get in touch if you want to join in!

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