Ingress Glyphs and Imperfect

“Imperfect” isn’t drawn as it seems. Ever got stuck trying to draw the Imperfect glyph hack in Ingress? I must have got it wrong about half a dozen times before I realised it wasn’t me.

So, how is it done?

I start on the bottom left and then I loop AROUND the middle point to the top right. Then I progress back THROUGH the middle point to the start point, then I finish off the last triangle by going up to the top left and then back in towards the middle.

Got that? Heres an image:

Have you mastered the rest of the glyphs? This is the best and most comprehensive ingress glpyh chart that I’ve seen. I do call some of these into question as I have never seen some of them, but all in all, a very good representation and layout of the glyphs.


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  1. The last three glyphs on the list are in scanner version 1.78

  2. There are a number of mistakes in this… (have some changed since this was published?)

    Avoid doesn’t finish at 4 o’clock, it finishes on the dot inside 4.

    The other ones I spotted straight away were the long tail on enlightened, and the kick to the right on resistance too.

    They are nicely presented compared to some I’ve seen online, but it looks to me like someone’s taken notes from memory and then drawn them up nicely.

    I would recommend resistance players don’t use this as an authoritative source (Have a look here: )

    …but this page is fine to use if you’re a Shrek! ;-p

  3. “Avoid” (no 8) is incorrect. The last rightmost node is wrong.

    1. You are correct, I think I may have known that when I posted it, but this was the easiest to read out of all the pics I found. Plus, usually everyone had used “avoid” that many times already that they just knew the correct way to do it without needing this :) Cheers

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