Day 16

Mum rang me on the weekend. She lives in a country town about 6-7 hours from Sydney (it all depends how you drive).

She is coming to visit. Needs to get to the big smoke for some sanity.

So we are going to catch a movie and go for a walk (she recently found out about my fitness kick – and also found out that I’ve done Centennial Park a few times). So I walked to Broadway (via the other side of Central since I wanted to get my haircut first). We then caught “the movie” and then (unfortunately) drove over to Centennial Park and did a power walking lap there-of.

[iframe,151.21685&spn=0.028498,0.05579&z=14&output=embed 580 400]

After the walk we made our way back to my place and then caught a meal at the Woolpack Hotel (Redfern). The chef mucked up my meal and gave me battered fish instead of grilled, but I ate it anyway. Although I am finding I am starting to NOT enjoy some of the bad things so much anymore. To be honest, it wasn’t ‘his bad’, I wasn’t clear in my ordering. I just expected him to know what I wanted since he serves me every other day and he knows about my diet. So, two pieces of fish, and a heap (and I mean a HEAP) of salad.

Can someone die from eating too much salad?

Total distance today: a little more than 6km

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