A Hot Shower with Running Water

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Oh how I long for thee.

edit: this was written at a time when I was spending a LOT of time in country Thailand… and I mean BACK COUNTRY!!!

A wedding in Thailand

Last month I spent a month in Thailand. I’d been planning this holiday for a while (around a year), and was motivated more by the fact that for a period while I was over there, a friend of mine was having a wedding there for his daughter and her fiance.

What can I say? Thailand was fantastic… Hot, but bloody brilliant. I have never had so much fun in all my life. I certainly let my hair down (well, I would have if I had any!). We never got off the island of Phuket, but I did some kilometers!!! Saw some really amazing sights (both day and night), but one of the highlights was definitely that wedding.

Everyone had a ball. It was considerably cheaper than having an equivalent wedding in Australia and the bridal party got a holiday thrown in!

edit: I hear the bride and groom are separated, which is a real shame. On another note, this was my first trip to Thailand, it wasn’t my last!

I’m going to Singapore

[iframe http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&s=AARTsJoE5kmigjyjViskR5qXWgWptUUgkg&msa=0&msid=104468899777464833948.00044bb38ef025a3868b5&ll=-8.146243,113.378906&spn=34.288648,43.945313&z=4&output=embed 400 400]

I have never been overseas (unless you count going to Tasmania overseas, but most people don’t – self included). But I have a good friend in Singapore who I have been wanting to go and visit over there. He is originally from Australia and has been working there now for a few years and he comes home all the time, but I’ve never made the trip there.

Last Friday week ago Jetstar announced a new service from Melbourne to Singapore via Darwin. As an introductory offer they opened the service at $200 each way. The problem is, I don’t live in Melbourne, I live in Sydney! So I needed to find a way to get to Melbourne, I opted for Jetstar again and found a $110 return fare Sydney to Melbourne.

With all fees, taxes and tariffs, the whole trip is costing ~$550 RETURN!

So I have to fly from Sydney to Melbourne, tinker around for a few hours and then fly from Melbourne to Darwin… Off the plane again for a couple of hours and then on to Singapore. Now, it sure is going to take longer than flying straight from Sydney to Singapore, BUT it’s almost half price… And we get to stretch our legs a couple of times along the way, so for me, I think it’s a fair call.

I have to admit, we’re both amazed that so many people who know have been there, and give it a few weeks and so too will we

BTW, the map at the top is for a friend who’s coming as well… He made the admission the other day that he doesn’t even know where it is! :-S