Why do I get a warning…

The AppStore is improving all the time. It has it’s shortcomings (poor searching and sorting to name but two of them), but I have become tired about being warned when I am NOT spending money with them. I would much prefer a warning about when I AM spending money with them.

For example, and as has recently happened to me, I went searching for an app I had previously bought, to reinstall because frankly I got tired of it and I wanting to give it another go. I went to reinstall it. Now I wasn’t at home, so resyncing wasn’t an option.

I found the app, and there is no ‘reinstall’ button, you have no choice but to re-‘buy’ it. I don’t want to buy it, I’ve already bought it. I just want to reinstall it. But to do so, I have to go through the motions of buying it again.

I click INSTALL and then BUY and AppStore quits (I hate this too, let me queue things and buy/install/update multiple items), and moments later I get a message box telling me I won’t be billed for this. I am being warned about NOT being charged… Cool… NOT

But on this occasion, I WAS charged and I don’t have the option to back-out, because (after all) I had selected to BUY IT.

After some research I discovered I actually had TWO iTunes accounts, one being my email address and the other simply my username (sans ‘@myemail.com’). How this occurred I will never know, but when I wrote to apple about this they just maintained I had bought it via two accounts and had no recourse. If I was presented with a last minute ‘You’re about to be charged for this’ message box, I would have kindly not purchased it and found out about the 2 accounts. Instead, I just get billed twice.

Now I know not everyone would want this, and some people would find it annoying, but there can be an option to turn this off (or on, as the case might be).

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