Dave and his iPad

So, I bought the iPad a few days ago and doing my first post using the WordPress application designed specifically for the iPad. There is also an iPhone version which I have used before and it is pretty good too.

This app seems to have it all, I’ll look more closely at it over the next few days.

What do I like about the iPad?

Well for starters it has made me remember some features of the phone that I had forgotten about. There is the nice addition of 4 punctuation symbols accessed through two keys on the bottom right. The feature I had forgotten about is tap/dragging where you tap the modifier key and then drag to the desired key and release. Works great on the ‘?’ and the ‘!’. But it also works great on other punctuation when you only want one followed by an alpha character. Such as when you type an open bracket (such as this).

Surprisingly the keyboard’s lack of tactile-ness doesn’t REALLY seem to be an issue. There is the quickest of learning curves, but it doesn’t seem to last long. The iOS error correction seems to pickup some (or most as the case may be) mistakes and it’s pretty good – in landscape mode. The portrait keyboard is simply too small and I often opt for the landscape one. But you get use to it. If you persist with the portrait keyboard, then going back to landscape the keyboard is massive and takes almost half the screen.

Moving on from the keyboard, when you get an app that’s specifically designed for the iPad, it is very sweet. Just about everything apple has a new and welcomed interface. Some could be better, but overall, pretty good. The speed over the iPhone is pretty good too.

Youtube has a great interface, which really I wish youtube would bring to their website. Some of the games for the device are simply awesome, and the apps are great too. I did purchase Numbers and Pages for the iPad and their flexibility is great.  Numbers even brings a minor addition over the OS-X version in that it auto freezes the first column and row in the table. Something you just cant do in the desktop version.

Anyway, I think this device is really a whole new paradigm in computing and interfaces. Now if only I just didn’t have to touch the screen at all!

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