The new look of dav3

wordpress logoThe last year has been pretty out there, and often times I seem to have too much time on my hands and at other times I’m absolutely swamped! My biggest problem is I have so many projects on at the moment I just don’t know where to start. Seriously.

One of the projects has been getting the the new look website back up and running. A new look and feel, a new back end, and (soon to be) new and fresh content. The site has been about many things over the last few years, the latest of which has been my attempt at weight loss. It didn’t go so well, and so much of that content has been removed.

I’ve been pretty busy migrating everything across here (it’s taking a lot longer than anticipated). In doing the upgrade I have given WordPress a real workout. I’m pretty happy with it. I have tried a few CMS options over the years and (over recent times) gone to more ‘cloud(y)’ solutions. My favourite of late has been Google Sites, but it too has it’s limitations.

The cloud solution for WordPress limits some of the functionality I was after (eg, using your own domain or editing of certain style rules),  unless you opted for paid option packs. Since I have the server space and bandwidth I thought I would run my own and once you get to play with the back-end you can really do quite a lot to it.

As I said, I’m pretty happy, the only major problem is that it’s soooo customisable that I am spending far too much time experimenting with what I can actually make it do!

I need to get outside!

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