My Raspberry Pi

You know what the Raspberry Pi is, don’t you? I got a couple with the intention of reinventing my home automation setup. I haven’t got too far in the project yet (there is much to be looked at), although I do have a python script setup at the moment monitoring X10 commands and relaying those through to my Hue Bridge. I did this because as much as I love the idea of computer and smart phone controlled lighting, I believe there needs to be a physical switch in place to allow extra (and) ordinary control of the lights. Something that is severly lacking in the home automation arena (especially with Philips’ Hue setup). This is a stop-gap measure, but it’s working surprisingly well for what it’s supposed to do.

Here are some links to the pages I am creating (re)documenting how I set up my pi:


Some other entries:

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And some other useful links on the pi:

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