Over the years of using WordPress (and it’s been a few now) I think I have customised every theme I’ve ever had. There’s always been at least one thing I don’t like about whatever theme I’m using, and today’s themes are no exception.

Originally (I remember) hacking themes directly, and worse, CORE.
I have learned the error of my ways and now employ child themes (to modify a theme) and functions.php, or my own plugins, to modify core.

I recently found a fantastic course on lynda.com about building a theme from scratch, and for anyone out there who wants to make their own theme, this is a fantastic resource.

As yet, I haven’t re-worked the dav3 theme yet (at the time of writing this, it is the “Responsive” theme by CyberChimps), but over the next few weeks I will take my edits to the child theme, and build a whole new dav3.theme.

At the moment, I am working on a theme for a friend at bigyellowvan.com.au (the rough draft of which appears here: http://van.dav3.net)

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