LS Colours in OSX

I don’t like the default black on white in OSX Terminal (in fact, I’ve just remembered, I don’t like OSX Terminal, I’ll make another post about that). And the only dark background that’s close to anything good is homebrew, but ls doesn’t have colour. A quick search pulls up a stack post on Ask Different […]

Windows Update in Virtual Machines

I use virtual box to run a number of virtual machines. Tonight when trying to update a recent install of windows I found the update stalled and kept searching aimlessly doing nothing. It turns out you need to enable “promiscuous mode (always allow)” on the network adaptor of the virtual device for the update to […]

Here’s Where Google Hid Chrome’s SSL Certificate Information

Tonight I wanted to know where a particular site had their SSL certificate issued. Upon clicking the green padlock in Chrome, I found that there were no certificate details to be found anywhere. After a good minute or two of not being able to find it, I did what any other reasonable person would do. […]

changing hostname in ubuntu

I cloned a virtual server and late realised they had the same hostname. No problem. change the hostname in /etc/hostname: sudo nano /etc/hostname change the hostname in /etc/hosts: this file will contain localhost and your old hostname. eg, localhost <new-host-name> edit this file to suit. Finally, change the hostname in the current session: […]

symbolic links in linux and Ubuntu

I always seem to have a tough time getting symbolic links right and often finding myself either Googling them or running test link after test link until I nail it. Normally I follow the mantra: command {something} {somewhere} such as: mount /dev/sda1 /media/mydrive /dev/sds1 being the “something” and the /media/mydrive being the somewhere But with […]