Day 13

I did the Centenial Park walk again today. Although I did overdo it a bit this time. I tried jogging way too far and although I impressed myself initially, I soon tired to a state that left me extremely exhausted. But I wasn’t just knackered (so-to-speak) I felt like I was dying. While I have […]

Day 12

[iframe,151.223202&spn=0.021373,0.042915&z=14&output=embed 420 300] Ahhh Day 12… This is my first Centennial Park walk. The day itself was hugely uneventful, and hot. So I held off going for a walk for a long time. It was late afternoon before I finally got out there. It was about 6.30pm by the time I finally got out […]

Day 11

[iframe,151.208804&spn=0.005344,0.008583&z=16&output=embed 400 300] Another work day. I went out for lunch today, and I went for a walk to my local shopping centre. It’s around a 10-15 minute walk and I thought I’d drop in and get some salad stuff for lunch. Well, it turned into a huge shopping experience… This always happens to […]

Day 10

This was a good day considering it was a work day! Before work I jumped on the treadmill for 2km. Not hugely fast, but without a fan in front of me I started sweating really quick. I mean it was dripping off me. Nothing to report, work-wise. I ate my usual non-carb lunch but after […]

Day 08

The extent of my exercise today was to walk to Broadway shopping centre. Not a huge walk by any stretch of the imagination, but 6500 paces on the pedometer and roughly 4.5km round trip. While I was there I bought myself a whole suite of training gear, mainly singlets and socks with a few other […]

Day 04

A DAY DEVOTED TO TRAINING Weight: 103.0kg (neat considering the bad day yesterday!) Breakfast: Chicken Breast, Onion and Tomato Lunch: Grilled fish (and 6 calamari) Dinner: chicken, pumpkin and garden vege’s Snacks: jerky, and a protein substitute meal/drink Water: 5+ L Exercise: Walking (12km), 3 sets x 10 situps (and they REALLY hurt), 1 set […]