Home for Christmas…

I don’t have any idea how many people might see this (I really should introduce some IP tracking software on this site)…

But for anyone who’s interested, we’ll be home for Christmas. I have a few things to do in Thailand that expire mid December, but I might manage to extend them until later in the month…

Or… I’m also thinking of “running away” for a bit and go see somewhere else (open to suggestions–but it’ll probably be the USA). Then coming (/going???) home about xmas.

One thing is for certain, there’s a lot of people I want to catch up with… See y’all soon!

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  1. Running away sounds cool and the USA even cooler, especially that time of year. Winter in the US has gotta lead you north. Go find the lights. Couple of towns that are very storybook chritmassy are Leavenworth in Washington.and Redding in North California. Get up past Washington State and you might just catch the lights if it is a good solar wind year but i dont like your chances as i am just remembering how much Fah hates the cold.. Friends of mine swear by Southern California across to Arizona down to Mexico. Huge country huge choices.

    1. It is such a big place and there’s so much I want to see and do there, but I want to get out of it without spending a small fortune. That and I only want to spend a few weeks, but hey, who knows. Maybe I’ll make use of a full 3 months and be back home at the end of our summer :-)

      I had forgotten about it being winter there. Yeah, Fah does hate the cold, although she is getting a thicker skin for it. She finds Thailand too hot sometimes now and I remember when we got back here she wanted the “coldness” of Australia. I’m thinking more about southern US, California, maybe new Mexico, definitely Nevada and hopefully New York. If I get that far then Niagra Falls as well :-)

      I better start applying for Fah’s visa!

  2. You will love the USA. Been there a few times and will go again one day. Looking forward to a few you beers with you and dt sometime over the summer.

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