I wish I could just sync checked photos from iPhoto

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An open letter to Apple; “Please let me sync just checked photos to my devices”

I have just posted this to Apple’s feedback section as a feature request. I know this is not probably something we will see, but at least I’m not just publishing this, I’m complaining in the right channels.

I love iPhoto, I really do. But it has some flaws. I work around most of them. But the most unforgiving flaw (as someone who takes a LOT of photos), is that there is no easy way to synchronise JUST the photos you want. You HAVE to create albums and smart albums, or use ratings. Even faces are no good, because it sync’s ALL faces of any selected person.

What iPhoto NEEDS is a checkbox list view (as in iTunes) where you can select any album, event, face or place, but only those checked items (within those lists) will be syncd. The way it is now, you must create an event for the photos, then create an album from the event that has JUST the photos you want. A lot of event/album/photo duplication (even if it is just an alias).

When I’m on the iPhone I want certain photos available. I want more available on the iPad, but I want everything available on the computer.

Can we please have a better way of managing these?


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