Too shy to speak English? Can you at least read it?

To shy to speak Englisgh
Erm... To shy to speak English

I think everyone knows that to learn a foreign language, it’s one thing to be able to speak it, and even speak it fluently; but it’s a totally different thing to be able to read it. I’ve been trying (on and off) to learn Thai for years. I think you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The problem is, they (the Thais) don’t have a romanised alphabet, or follow any gramatical or structural nuances of English. Granted most Thais know one English word. They almost ALL answer the phone with the word “Hell√≥”. I’ve used the accented ‘√≥’ there because if you’ve ever heard a Thai say hello, they say it with a rising inflection at the end.

Anyway, this isn’t about that. What this is about are the three following posters. These were seen at Nana BTS when my wife and I got off there yesterday. The funny thing about that is, they were also there 2 years ago when I first arrived here with a mate of mine from Singapore.

The advertisement has obviously stood some test of time, but I still grapple with the fact that if someone is too shy to attempt to speak a language, there’s a damn good chance they can’t read it! But I could be wrong – I’ve been known to be wrong before!

As the sign asks, are you too shy?
Speak to....
Speak to....

I could probably have blanked out the company name and or the phone number/web address, but who cares about a free plug anyway…

But I have always wondered, how much business do they get from these signs? I mean, there are three of them, they’re large and (for as long as I can remember) they’ve been there for at least two years.

Good luck guys!

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