Dengue Fever


I’ve had Dengue Fever for the last month, I’m only just getting over it. I hope I get over it soon, I’ll be in Singapore next week!

It’s been a debilitating disease, it put me in hospital for 5 days and that was no fun – not without insurance! I have been crook with this for more than a month…

It is purely mosquito driven, and non contagious, and there are four main strains of the disease. I caught one of them (I don’t know which one), but now I am immune from catching it again, the other three strains I am immune for a (unspecified) “period”… The problem is AFTER that period, I am MORE at risk if I ever do catch one of them…

I was VERY lucky, I never caught it (or got the worst strain) as detailed in the above link… But it still hurt though!


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