WordPress iPhone app – crashes ** FIXED **

Today I downloaded the WordPress app from the Apple App store, for the iPhone. I have been looking forward to this for some time since that although my site looks good on a mobile device, it doesn’t lend itself to be uploaded to from a mobile device.

Until now… Enter the WordPress application from the app store. errrrm… ok… But it didn’t work for me. It would consistently crash and restarting the app would just crash immediately. I determined this was because I am running a WordPress multi-site. Whether it is or not, I found the fix:

Please open “your/wordpress/directory/xmlrpc.php” in any text editor, and rewrite the line 477,
'blogid' => $blog_id,
'blogid' => (string) $blog_id,.
Yeah! Now, you can use WordPress for iOS!

Now I’m a happy camper…

BTW, I found this solution here, look for the first comment dated 05/07/2010.

edit: today I upgraded wordpress to the latest version 3.01 and I checked the above file, it has not been fixed. If you install the 3.01 update, you will also need to re-edit and include the string cast for the blogid.

on a side note: I also use tumblr, and the tumblr app for the iPhone is equally FANTASTIC! Highly suggested and recommended if you use tumblr.

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  1. I have been trying so hard to get this working. But I dont get where you go to make the changes?

    In my WordPress Dashboard?

    PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

    1. You need to have some sort of access to the actual file structure of the wordpress install. The file is in the root directory of the install and is named: “xmlrpc.php”. The preferred way (for me) is to edit this through my IDE that has a direct connection to the wordpress directory of my web hosting service. If you don’t have such a service you can access the same information through the filemanager section of your cpanel

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