Flashing LED Microcontroller Project

A few years ago I got into microcontrollers and had grand plans to change the world with my micro projects. For one reason or another I stopped working on what I was doing and pretty much dropped them overnight.

Well, I’ve picked up the ball again and starting from scratch (since I’d seemed to have forgotten almost everything). So I’m starting with the basics.

Most microcontroller projects will usually have a flashing LED as the first objective. Well, I did that and this is the next step. Pulse Width Modulation. Here is a short video of a LEDs brightness being controlled through the use of PWM. This project uses an ATMega 128 AVR microcontroller (yeah, a little bit of overkill for a flashing LED, but hey!)

The next video here is taking the last video just one more step further, and that is having the LED pulsate, or as I prefer to call it, “breathing”. So much cooler than a simple flashing LED ;-)

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