21 days of fitness

Muay Thai Boxing

And so it begins, my 2nd attempt at losing weight. In January 2008 I began a weightloss regime which took me from 105kg to 93kg. But through a lack of discipline I have put most of it back on and I’m back up to a smidgen under 103kg. At least I never got back to what I was, but we won’t argue about 2kg!) I’ve decided it’s time, once again, to do something about this. For a multitude of reasons, my blood pressure is through the roof, I’m unfit, I do not eat all that healthy and I’m fat.

A friend of a friend recently tried a “21 day plan” to break bad habits (or if you prefer, 21 day plan to introduce new “good” habits). So this is the same. I am trying to introduce a 21 day plan to bring fitness into my daily life.

Today was Day 1, and I am hurting. As how I usually tackle most things, I have not done this by halves, and went into a full-on Muay Thai (beginners) training session. I am physically in pain. Writing this, my elbows are glued to the desk and my fingers are doing all the work. My shoulders feel like someone has a blow torch on them. Hopefully the radox bath I have running will help.

I have already met some inspirational people. One gent, started 6 months ago at 126kg, and he is now 86! That’s 40kg! and he’s now ready to go competition!

I have been told it will get easier. It won’t get easy, but it will get easier.

My goal for this is to participate in this for 21 days (which works out to be about 24 days as they aren’t open Sundays and I need some rest), with an ultimate goal of losing 10kg by the end of the month. I also hope to reduce my blood pressure and increase my general level fitness. All this in time for August, my month in Thailand.

Fingers crossed.

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