The old site

This site was originally about my weight loss, here is an excerpt from the original site:

At the start I was 105.5kg (~232lb). My goal is to get somewhere under 80kg (176lb). If things go to plan I’ll start working on building muscle down the track, but the main goal is to lose my fat. The graph represents my progress so far, not doing too bad for the first month.

The graph represents my weightloss over time. Althought google spreadsheets have gone through some updates, at the time this site was initially created there was no way to customise the Y-Axis. Ideally I would have wanted my peak weight at the top left and the weight going doen to the right, but you still get the picture…

note: I peaked at a loss of 12kg… As at the time of writing this, I have it all back! I have spared all the gory detail of photos I had taken of myself, and rather, I have only imported my more ‘good’ days, such as those that include something of general interest. But the general ‘What I did today’ stuff is missing – for good reason (ESPECIALLY the photos! LOL)

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