I had another game of squash today, I have found it hard to get back into the fitness groove lately, but squash is easy. I love the game, it kills me, but I love it. We played for almost 2 hours today! Only about 10 games. I prefer playing handouts, the new international rules make games go too quick.

I played a friend who I rarely beat… We played a few weeks ago and played 16 sets and I only got 4 off him. And it was only at the end of each 4 games when he was tired that I got one from him.

But today started off with a bang. I got 2 sets from the outset! I wanted to go home then, but he wouldn’t let me :-P. Towards the end of the second set he was getting a bit gnarly and decided to clonk me in the head with his racket. I tell you what, a squash racket in the head puts you on your arse pretty quickly. I dropped real quick. I recovered well, and took the final 2 points I needed to get the set, but then couldn’t find the groove again.

I was feeling a bit off, but at the end of the day he is a much better player than me. The thing is, he makes me work hard… Work REAL hard for those hours.

We’re pretty closely matched. Today we played many sets where we were stuck on 2 points for handout after handout. And we had about 4 games where we went over the 9 points to finish the game. 1 game went to him at 13-11.

It’s a good game.

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