LCD, or two?

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I only went for a short walk to Moore Park (2.2km) today because I wanted to see what was out there in LCD land. So I paid a visit to Bing Lee, Dick Smith PowerHouse and Harvey Norman… I think I have found the one I will buy, it’s the Samsung “SyncMaster 245B”, features a resolution of 1920×1200 and a 5ms refresh. It only has DVI and VGA inputs (why is it so hard to find dual DVI inputs?). So, I have contacted my bank and I am upping the limit on my credit card – Australians LOVE credit…

Well, I do :-)

All 24″ varieties were very expensive at these stores, the cheapest of which was around $750. The Samsung though was $999. A little out of my price range. Although a quick search on StaticIce (link) found many places selling these little BIG beauties from as low as $530…

One place would even sell them from little more than $500 if purchased with a new system. I don’t need a new system… Or do I??

That’s almost 2 for the price of 1! Maybe I should buy 2 :-)

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