Day 65-77

So, as I just mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have been very bad the last couple of weeks. As can be evidenced by the graph on the front page. I went to Adelaide to visit my brother (photos are a click away on the left if you are interested), and my weight did jump up a bit while I was there, but I’m almost back to where I was before I left.

He and his wife just had a new baby boy, Tanner. Good looking kid, takes after his uncle.

Things got in a tither pretty much from the moment I got there. I was suppose to be there for 6 days (which I was – and was nearly extended, but it was planned that baby Tanner would arrive around the day before I left. In the end, he arrived the day after I got there! Well, less than 36 hours anyway.

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As a result, the walks and exercise I had planned while I was down there pretty much got thrown out the window. But I didn’t mind LOL!!

A week in Adelaide in the height of their longest heatwave on record. No day I was there reach a high of below about 35. And in the suburbs, it got to 40 a few times. At night, it rarely got below the low 20s.

Day 72 – a good day, amongst the bad

Since being back I have only done 1 day of moderate exercise and that was on DAY 72, the day after I got back. Actually it was pretty good, and if I could do this once or twice a fortnight, it would make all the difference.

I caught the bus down to Circular Quay, then took the “nurses walk” which is around 100 stairs up towards the Harbour Bridge.

At the bridge, I climbed the stairs at Cumberland Street twice (~108 stairs from memory). The first time, I got to the top and walked down to the next set of stairs, which comes out just south of the sports center there. I then walked back up Cumberland Street and did the climb again. Rested briefly and walked back down.

Across and under the bridge and off to High Street to Hickson Road, to the Great Stairs I found there. I only did those ones 4 times (105 steps each). I like doing all stairs 2 at a time, but on the last two runs up them I had to take them one at a time. My legs were burning so hard. Not as hard as the first time I did them though.

From there across to Darling Harbour where I found one more set of stairs up to the old Glebe Bridge (~50 stairs). Walked to a shop at Ultimo where I bought some computer equipment and walked back home again.

The entire walk was about 8km. The walk wasn’t hard, but the stairs were. I am finding this is the thing hurting me the most at the moment. So I will harness that pain

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