Day 64

The Giant Staircase

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This was a pretty good day. I actually started off with a train trip to Bondi to have some breakfast, then back home to get changed and then met 2 friends at Central railway Station.

We caught the 9.55am train to Katoomba and another mate jumped on at Strathfield. The only thing wrong with the whole day was the fact the train trip was 2 hours each way. The pain of the train strip was removed with the quality of company on the day.

When we got to Katoomba we decided to have lunch at a Coffee shop we found on the way to Scenic World. We downed that and we were on our way.

Once there, although the board only lists full return prices, we found that if you ask, you can by one-way train tickets to get down the mountain. This cost us $10 neat. A bottle of water for the trip and we were on our way.

The whole walk itself wasn’t too bad, quite easy and recommended for anyone. However the stairs at the end were a killer. I had to stop a few times, but once I finally got to the top it was really easy. I recovered well and started jogging to the end point (echo point). I think the stairs took about 30 minutes (for me) and the whole walk was not much more than an hour. An hour and a half tops.

The walk back to the station wasn’t that hard, but it was all uphill. We didn’t have long to wait for the train, and before we knew it, we were all back home.

There’s another group of us planning to do a similar walk in a few weeks. This one is going to involve an area known as the ruined castle. It’s visible from echo point and pretty much just involves walking in the other direction. This walk will also finish off with the Gian Staircase.

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