The Great Australian Stair Case

is this a stair case, or what?

Can you even SEE the staircase in this picture? If you see it (and it excites you)… CONTACT ME :-P

I have been trying to find the largest publicly accessible stair case available (in Sydney) for a couple of weeks now, and other than what I found on my walk a week or so ago (on Hickson Street – refer Day 052 (link)), this has to be the master of all masters!!!!

800 steps… 1000 feet to climb.

If you can see the stairs, and you’re interested…. Tuesday the 4th March 2008 is the day!

Otherwise I have to assume you are chicken!

If you haven’t noticed, I am not the most physical guy in the world, in fact I still have a long way to go… But in an effort to find new and unusual things to make me get fit… I have found this… This is Tuesdays project.

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