Day 52


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Had Subway for lunch with two mates, and decided to go for a short walk to the Chinese Gardens at Tumbalong Park. After devouring a full foot-long sub I decided a longer walk was necessary. As you can see by the map, it was no short walk. All told it was over 15km, although the last few were a very slow walk – my feet were killing me.

No running today, just a walk. Although I did find a VERY good workout at a set of stairs I found along the route (picture below – click to make full size). These things nearly killed me…

109 steps from top to bottom (or since I was at the bottom, we’ll say from bottom to top). And I did them, not only once, not twice… Not even three or four times. I did these stupid things FIVE times. It did near kill me and on the last lap up to the top I honestly thought my legs were about to fall off. It was VERY hard.

Every time I got to the top I said to myself, “Man, that was good, I should do it again… but I won’t.” And then when i got to the bottom I thought, “that wasn’t so bad, let’s go!” and off I’d go again.

pic of a huge staircase in sydney
The Stairs from HELL

On the 4th set, at the top I said to myself there was no way, let’s continue the walk. But once again, at the bottom I thought stuff it, let’s go again! When I got to the top of the 5th set, I couldn’t believe the burning in my thighs. At the bottom I looked up again and almost went for another round, but some little spark in the back of my mind kept my senses alert and I decided to carry on to Darling HarbourOther than that, the walk was uneventful, but this takes the yearly total of kilometres walked to around 100… That’s a fair effort, almost 2km a day!

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