eeePC and what I don’t like

I am sitting here (at home) adding to this blog on my eeePC. I have been struggling for the last few hours since I mashed up the startup script and effectively rendered my eeePC (here-in after called “the e” or just “e” for short) a brick… It kept just rebooting endlessly…

Eventually I got a usb key running eeeXubuntu… (now I’m not sure if it was in fact eeeXubuntu, or just a ubuntu release for the e? I’ll get back on that). To say it is VERY slow is an understatement. It has to be the USB effect since the distro of Xandros on the internal drive simply screams along.

So, what don’t I like so far? The list is surprisingly short:

  • The keys, they do take some getting use to and they do rattle
  • The screen resolution is simply too shallow, most applications OK or APPLY buttons are off the page. There are several hacks for this, but as yet, I have not tried any UPDATE: the OS naturally handles it, you just have to know where to look!
  • The sound is amazing, but it is lost very quickly in areas of moderate noise… ie, don’t try using skype in a public place. The other party can hear you, but you can’t hear them!
  • The network socket is on the side, I have NEVER lliked network cables coming out of the side of laptop, but that’s just me. The power cable comes out the back
  • The integrated webcam doesn’t seem to function with skype UPDATE: the eeePC will run Skybe 2.0beta, with video support!

And to be honest, that’s about it. I’ll maybe edit this page later and add some more grievances…

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