Day 50

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I had a big day planned, but it turned into a small one, due to the alcohol I had drunk last night :(

I must be a masochist at heart because as punishment for my alcoholic indiscretions last night, while most certainly not in the mood for a walk, I had cause to go to Tempe to pick up a networking component, and then I walked home. It wasn’t that far, but it certainly took longer than it should have.

The walk was 7.9km and included a quarter-pounder from McDonalds. Yes, I know, but I was still suffering from the dehydration of the night before. I drank around 3 litres of water on the walk including 2 glasses of orange juice. To make the dietary intake worse, before going to Tempe, I was at Bondi for lunch and had the great ole Aussie lunch – fish and chips.

Sorry about the map, because of the diagonal walk, I could not zoom in too far. Use the link to open up google maps in a new browser window or tab.

Food wise, bad day.

Exercise wise, still a bad day, since the exercise was not really working myself

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