new lines in sed on mac

Let’s say I have a file:

2016-03 line 1.2016-03 line 2.2016-03 line 3.2016-03 line 4.

What I would normally execute:

sed 's/2016-03/\n2016-03/g' infile > outfile

But in OS X this resulted in output similar to:

2016-03 line1.n2016-3 line2.n2016-3 line3.

I tried on this for a bit before searching for the solution. The solution was to add /'$'\n which finally output what I was after:

sed 's/2016-03/\'$'\n2016-3/g' infile > outfile

2016-03 line 1.
2016-03 line 2.
2016-03 line 3.
2016-03 line 4.

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