Day 049

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I am 49 days into my “new years resolution” and so far it is resolving quite well. This morning’s weigh-in was 94.6kg!!! ONLY 100 grams off making it a neat 11kg!

I have poker tonight, but I plan to be UNDER 94.5kg for tomorrows weigh-in, so I have to be good.

I had a plan today to grab some networking components, so I was supposed to be walking around Sydney to find where to buy them. But while on the walk one place I had left a message with contacted me back and indicated I could purchase it from them tomorrow. Their price was good, so I decided to leave it at that.

So, instead, I went for a walk involving lunch with a mate of mine, and continued a short walk as in the map on the left. The primary feature of the walk was to identify free WiFi access and a post on that will be coming soon. The teardrop pointers on the map indicate the points of test. Red means no connection, blue means a connection (if I had an account) and green was for totally free connection. Yellow (of which there were none) were going to be reserved for insecure networks that I could latch onto. There were a few I found, but none strong enough to maintain a connection. I will post more on this separately.

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