distance travelled and the road less taken

pic of sydney by air
Sydney by Air

I try to walk most days I have off. But it does become tiring and boring. I am VERY lucky I live in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world… (SYDNEY – if you had to ask!). I have often thought about ‘tuning’ up my walk with some music, but figure if I wait until I am dead-set bored of walking, then when I add the music, it may spark a little more interest… this is still under review.

I generally plan them to be for a purpose, which helps. For example, today I need some new networking equipment… Then, on the walk, I am thinking about that more-so than the effort needed to walk… Except that now that I have just made myself aware of this, that self-created illusion is just busted!

My walks are not quite as frequent as I would like, but generally the shorter ones are around 2-3km. The average ones appear to be between 7 and 9km. And twice I have ventured past the 10km with trips of around 12 and 18km. My favourites though are the ones around 8-9km.

I have thought a couple of times to work out how far I have walked so far, but have not done the sums yet. On a cursory level I would estimate that in the last SIX weeks I have walked around 80km. I didn’t realise it was that far myself, and that is only including my mapped walks

I sometimes don’t work as hard as I would like since usually after I had put in so well, I just dawdle the remainder of the trip home. But I am of the opinion 2km dawdling is better than a 10m sprint :-)

I have got to the stage now that my weightloss is stagnating. It is coming off much slower now, much slower than I would like. But since my health and indurance are most certainly getting better, who am I to complain.

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