But now we’re apparently set to save even more in 2016 and 2017 by cutting loopholes distinctly put in place by the then transport minister urging Sydney-siders to find “ways to beat the system“.

Well, apparently they have with the 8 trips in two days deal, and all remainder trips are free. So for the fact that a few people are getting out there and walking between stations and getting active and healthy, the powers that be are recommending plans to scrap whatever loophole exists and charge up to 3 times more for the Family Sunday Funday… Well not anymore.

What got me was one particular quote from the online edition of the Sydney Morning Herald:

The proposed changes would affect commuters across all modes of public transport but the tribunal said more than 60 per cent would pay less in 2016 to 2017. But by 2018, however, commuters would be paying an average of 8 per cent more per journey

So commuters saved when it was brought in, and we’ll be saving over the next two years as well.

Rail fares and travel in NSW going down over three years?

I think someone is selling porkie pies!

Next in this session: How to get a common sense government

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