Day 43

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After this mornings weigh-in, I was pretty happy especially after so much hydration last night… It was a good feeling. So when I knew I had a few things in town today to take care of, it was without much-a-do that I set off on another walking expedition.

I hate a specialist meeting in town and I was running late, so I caught the bus into town (otherwise I would have walked!). As can be seen from the trip, I travelled from Macquarie Street, to King Street for lunch (chicken schnitzel and gravy sandwhich – a fav of mine from a particular shop there), then onto capital square (just up from Central Railway station. They didn’t have what I was after and so I decided to go for a walk out to Moore Park and see if they had it there, but a friend of mine called me and said he was on his way to Entech…

Audio, Video and flashy LEDs, who could resist. Although there weren’t many scantily clad women there, there was enough to keep the inner child excited for the afternoon, before heading off to Broadway to do some final shopping.

I got to Broadway only to find the whole shopping centre was shut-down with police crime scene tape and fire brigade tape sealing off all the entrances and people lined up for miles… Apparently they had a power problem there, or something and had to evacuate the building… Whatever, I just walked on home.

I didn’t hit 8 km today (which has usually been the benchmark I have noted), but 7½ is just as good. Not a hard walk today, my feet are still recovering from yesterday.

FOOD for the day: Chicken Schnitzel on brown bread, no butter – but with gravy. A curry beef pie from harris Street, 200g or so of egg and bacon pie (like a quiche without the pastry) and a protein shake. And about 3 litres of water.

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