It’s official, 10kgs in 42 days

One of my main goals at the start was to have a dressed weight of under 80kg. My ideal weight for height is 75kg. I can’t remember when I was last under 80. It was probably 5-6 years ago… Maybe longer.

I was just talking to a mate about the weightloss, it seems that I work easier when there is an ulterior motive. For example: yesterdays squash, I wasn’t keen to go outside until I remembered there was something to do… The squash. Then I needed a way to get there and I came up with the idea of walking. And I was keen to do it. 10 minutes earlier, I did not want to leave my comfy computer chair.

Using rough figures, half way is 92kg. I should be there in another week or so. I know the first half is easier than the second half, but I do have a bottle of wild turkey riding on it. I have to be under 80kg within this financial year. Which brings me back to my last point… I have an ulterior motive (other than just weightloss and being healthy).

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