Day 42

Can you get arrested for abuse of your feet?

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Well, it does take a lot to get me motivated, but when I do… There’s not much stopping me. After a pretty bad weekend (alcohol Friday night, a bowl of wedges and a recovery hamburger and chips on Saturday) I really had NO inclination to do any exercise for days.

I promised myself that today I would, but it was still a challenge… I didn’t want to.

Then I was reminded of a squash game I had today in North Sydney. Immediately I pulled up the location on google maps and mapped out my walk (see right). I did my usual Ho Chi Minh shuffle most of the way to the harbour bridge (stopping twice to repack my backback and answer my phone)… Walked the majority of the bridge and finished off with walking the rest of the way to the venue, North Sydney Leagues club.

We played a solid hour and fifteen minutes of hard paced squash (this guy is far superior to me and runs me ragged). We then walked back to North Sydney railway station and I caught a train home. I didn’t do my usual weigh in this morning (due to not going to bed last night), so after a shower when i got home I jumped on the scales. I was a bit worried that the 4-5 litres of water I consumed today was going to put me over yesterdays weight, but shock horror…

I BROKE the 10KG mark!!! I weighed in at 95.0kg.. A whopping 10.5kg since I started about 42 days ago.

Today’s meals have been a bit light on, consisting of copious amounts of water, pork crackling, a chicken “puff” (chicken filled pastry with vegies), a 2 protein shakes (with a possible third before I go to bed since I am a little hungry about now).

Anyway, tomorrows weigh in should be interesting… But I have no exercise planned. (Must think of something!)

I am going to be so sore tomorrow… but, recalling an earlier adage, there is an expansion on the idea:

nothing tastes as good as being thin feels…    even if it kills you

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