UPDATE: I had to add the comparison image between the iPhone 3G (2008) and the watch (1991).

F91W watch from CasioI had one of these watches!

It was my first ever digital watch. Oh how I loved thee.

There was a time I would not walk outside the house without wearing a watch, but sadly that changed in 2009 when I moved to Thailand and found that everything ran on Thai Time, and the need for a watch just didn’t seem to be so important.

Even upon moving back to Australia, I have worn a watch intermittently, and although I did give some smart watches the time of day, I have gone back to my non-watch wearing ways and have to say, I don’t really miss them. I almost ALWAYS have a phone on me and the time features prominently somewhere on the home screen.

In a search for this article I found a comparison between this watch (released in 1991) and the original iPhone 3G (2008).

comparison between Casio F-91W and the iPhone 3G
tongue in cheek humour, we all know the watch is better :)

Over the years I have owned both digital and analog watches (predominantly digital, of course!), but what I never knew was the dangerous connection this watch has with terrorism!

A watch, ahead of it’s time, both in features and nerdiness, it was adopted by certain groups for its ease of integration as an IED and notably a large number of terrorists with explosives training have been apprehended whilst wearing this watch.

The Casio F-91W is still being made today, but given the evil connection, I don’t know that I’d be flaunting it…

Or maybe I would.

That is, if I still wore watches.

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