Installing Macports and md5deep on OSX

When it comes to installing packages and you have to make a decision between MacPorts or Homebrew I first went and visited their home pages (linked previously) and couldn’t make a decision based on what I saw to go either way. I didn’t want to install both, so I googled a bit more. I suggest you do the same since I don’t want people doing something JUST because I said so, go make your own decision :P

Having said that, I based my decision primarily on these points:

  1. the number of packages available in MacPorts (almost 25K) vs Homebrew’s (3K)
  2. the ease of Apache/PHP updates
  3. I’m comfortable with the command line and file/system permissions

Why do I want to install macports?

Because I’m a dunce at compiling, configuring, making stuff myself. And I’ve wanted md5deep for too long.

Now to install all I typed was:

sudo port install md5deep

and it was done.

It really was that simple.

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