We were walking to the shops today.
Jason. Look dad, a chicken
Dad. no mate, that’s a duck
J. A duck?
D. Well,  it looks like a duck
J. Look like a duck?
D. It sounds like a duck
J. Sounds like a duck
D. Tastes a little bit like chicken
J. Taste like chicken?
D. A little bit. But it’s a duck
J. Duck

A little bit later a dog barked.

J. What’s that dad?
D. What do you think it is?
J. It’s a dog.
D. Yep that’s right, it’s a dog. Well, it sounds like a dog (we couldn’t see it)
J. Sounds like a dog
D. So it’s probably a dog
J. Taste like dog?
D. Taste like chicken actually (I don’t know why I said that)
J. Mmmm dog, taste like chicken

A little later, we’re at the shopping center, a guy walks past with his dog. Jason says to mum, “look mum, dog”
Mum. Yes, dog
J. Tastes like chicken!
M: what?
D. Errr…

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