Day 22

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Today was going to be a walk to, around and back from Centennial Park. Then probably something like a walk into the city, catch a ferry to manly and have lunch. Half way around Centennial park, I decided that Bondi was a better choice for today.

So I kept walking… and walking…

It just so happened that I ran into one of my brothers. I don’t see him very often and I recognised one of his company trucks in the area. I gave him a call, and sure enough it was him. We met up and had lunch on the beach. A beautiful day and lots of nice things to look at.

At the end I decided to walk back (punishment actually). I was having a good lunch, and he was having a bad one. I had grilled fish and he was having chips with chicken salt. I pinched a very small handful. So my punishment was to walk home again (I had intended to catch a bus!)

All told (as per the map), the walk was 19km. The route to and from took 1h40 and 1hr45 respectively. I spent about 2 hours there.

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